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"April Sewcial "

Good Morning Everyone, Ok it is really evening now that I am finishing this so Good Day Everyone...

 Well April has come and with it we get to hear the birds chirping and see the pelicans on the open water and have that fresh air to breath in.  Time to wash the quilts and get them out on the clothes line blowing in the breeze/wind.  Nothing better than crawling under the fresh sheets and quilts.  They smell wonderful and I could just laze the day away laying under them with a good book or a movie!

 I just love Spring!  

Ok so this letter wont be as lengthy as the last one.  Just a few things to start to start off with today.

        The Bus trip to AQS is not going to be happening.  We had lots of interests for it, but it was too hard for people to commit with it being months away.  I will be closing the shop on that scheduled day to go down for it!  Get a car pool with groups of friends and do a caravan down.  It could still be a great getaway for the day.  
          We are starting our SEWCIAL this month.  It is the 4th Monday of each month. This month it falls on the 25th and will we will have 2 sessions each month.
Morning.  10:00 - 11:00 and Evening   6:30 -7:30 The fee is $15.00 for the year.  With that cost you will receive 20% off on the Sewcial day.  We will be doing lots of things for these meetings: a community project,  show and tell,  tips and tricks, free patterns, guest speakers just to name a few. We are currently working on a schedule so we can have an idea of what is happening at each months meeting.  This month it is a meet and greet and show and tell.  If you want to bring a project that you have finished bring it with you and tell us a little about it and you.
These will be very casual meetings,  No sewing involved at the meetings,  maybe a project to take home sometimes,  but really it is just a great way to get out from the house and enjoy the company of other crafters and establish some new friends that have a passion for creating beautiful things.  It is therapy for an hour!  We deserve it.
I would like to have a count of those that will be coming so I can have chairs for everyone.  I mean we could stand for an hour but....????.  if you are planning on attending please let me know.
Either call the shop. 712-852-2080 or email to 

          This Wednesday night from 6:00 - 8:00pm. we are doing a cuddle zoom class.  If anyone would like the link just let me know I will send it your way.  We had a good time doing the infinity scarf a couple weeks ago, I even learned a few things I never knew.

          If you have been following us on the social media platforms you have seen our Live Feeds on Thursday around 5 and also Zoey doing some pretty cute Tik Tocs videos recently.  She is a GEM. She's so cute!  Anyway last week on the facebook video it was discussed about doing a PIN PAL exchange.   We are going to jump on it.  So here is the information.
All you need to do is commit to making a pin cushion,  there is no  specific size or anything and it doesn't even need to be filled if you are worried about shipping costs.  All we ask is that you let us know if you want in on it,  we will do a blind draw and whoever you get you will send too.  It wont necessarily mean that that person gets you though.  I would like to have everyone that is interested to let me know by the 25th, and then we will draw the names and get them to you. All we ask is that you complete the cushion and have it post marked by the 25th of May.  That gives you 1 month to make it.  In that time you could take time to visit with your  PIN Pal .  See if they would like a specific color, or if they are allergic to anything in case your sending something along with it.  It's a great way to step outside of quilting and do a fun project for someone else. Everyone wins when they do this swap.
Make sure to let us know so we can write you down.

          We are finishing up with the 3rd class of the Twisted 9 Patch this Saturday.  For those that ordered a ruler and pattern they are available at the store.  This is a quilt that looks more difficult than it is.  (However my worker Cheryl noticed a mistake on mine yesterday and it has been hanging for 2 weeks and no one noticed it.  Well needless to say I got to work this morning and I got Jack out took it apart,  now just to fix it. Gotta love when people notice the mistake before it gets completely finished and there is no  turning back point.  Thanks Cheryl.
           The All Iowa Shop Hop Fabric will be arriving within the next week.  We are excited to be participating in it this year.   We are going to be pre-selling this fabric. We will post it on Facebook when it arrives and then you can stop in to see it.  We can not begin to sell it til June 1st. But if you would like to make sure you have some let us know and we will be getting the orders taken out of our supply before it goes on the floor.

           We are working on a few upcoming projects for classes. We will get that out to you as soon as we can.  I definitely need more hours in the day. 

            Remember that we do Live feeds on Facebook every Thursday around 5.   We value all the feedback you can give us.  Also remember to comment and use the emojis when watching them live.  It generates hits for our store and the more hits the better for us.  We love to read the comments, so if there is something that you had seen in the store before and want us to touch on it or if you want to know something else just ask it in the comments, and we will try to answer them before we go off. The interaction is great.

           Who knew that I wouldn't have as much free time to do all of the things I used to have time for?  Time FLYS BY when you are having fun, and I am having so much fun and loving this new life. I am so thankful for all of you!.  

           Make the most of each day, take a risk, and Live the life you need to be Happy!  

                The best anti-depressent is a sewing machine and a room full of fabric! ????

Happy Spring, until next month
Joni, Zoey and Cheryl
Clover Cottage