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May Sewcial. Newsletter

Hello everyone,
        I had such high hopes of getting this letter out by May 1, and I realized it is almost  gone.   I don't have a lot of news to talk about this month,  of course once I get going it seems to just keep on.
        If you have been following our Facebook, then you know that Zoey  graduated on Friday the 13th, and then she turns 20 on the 19th, and she is moving to town!

Lots of things happening for her, and I can't be more excited for her. Of course that just means that I will see her more and  she will be around more often. The chances are pretty good that if you were to stop in to the shop  she will be working.  We are excited to have her here and doing the adulting thing. 😂

        The  ALL IOWA SHOP HOP is coming up, it will be starting June 1st and going til the end of July.  That is 2 whole months to tour the state of Iowa and see all the shops that are participating and even those that are not. 
We're not sure what to expect since it is our 1st year, but we are looking forward to meeting new people. 
For those that do not know what it is, You grab a shop hop magazine, (even if your not going to participate in the shop hop it is a great magazine, filled with some patterns and information on all sewing things, plus the shops their hours and something about them)  Inside is a passport that you present to the stores when you visit and they will stamp it and give you a charm square of fabric that cordinates with the Shop Hop Fabrics.  The stores are divided into sections/regions  and the goal is to get the whole thing filled out, section by section and turn it in. All the participating stores have donated prizes, and they draw them I believe at the end.  It is so fun to get with friends and do a little road trip even for a day and visit the stores. It is fun to see all the different things out there. We will have extended hours for those 2 months Hours are M-F 9-5 and Sat 9-5. We will also be open on 2 of the Sundays, June 12th and July 10th from 10-4.  Stay tuned to Facebook for more as the time gets closer.
        Currently we have Pin Pal exchange/swap going on.  We will have that swap done on the 23rd and we are thinking about another one. We will provide details in the weeks ahead,  if you are interested in doing a swap please let us know.  When the time comes and you are not able to do it then that is ok but we at least know the interest.  I encourage everyone to step outside of your norm and try something different or find out what colors they like and create.  I personally love swaps.  It is a great way to push myself to not do just what I like but to try other colors and patterns.  If you would like to be involved in this swap please message us or call the shop.
         We had our first Sewcial last month and it was great to see everyones projects and visit with all.  We will continue to have show and tell at the Sewcial's,  you do not have to bring anything, but if you do, we would love to have you share. We meet every 4th Monday of each month and we have 2 times. 10:30-11:30 and 5:30-6:30.  We ask that you let us know if you arr coming so we can have chairs for everyone.
          We are starting to get our Holiday Fabric in, I am so excited, but it is kind of hard to get into that right now when we have jumped right into the heat of Summer and it is only May.  The store is getting full and we should be receiving more every week. 
Our next class is going to be held sometime after July,  Summer is difficult to get everything in and with the shop hop it was just too much to try to schedule.  
I believe that is all I have for you this month.
Keep your Bobbin Full and Stitch on!
Clover Cottage
Joni, Zoey, and Cheryl