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Good Morning Everyone.
      I am apologizing for being absent from the newsletter last month, to say I have been busy is an understatement,  but that is not an excuse, It is summer and the time just gets away from all of us.  
      There has been so many people in the store in the last month and a half from the ALL IOWA SHOP HOP,  I have had so much fun visiting with everyone and WOW, I am getting all sorts of ideas along with so many sites, you tubes, tik tocs, and things that people love. Not sure I can get to all of them but I am constantly jotting down information.  I like to hear about other shops and  how I can start networking with them.  I am still learning so much, I dont think I will ever get it all.   But I am loving my life. 
      I have finally entered the  GRANDMA world,  My daughter had her baby girl. Little Nora Jo has us all wrapped around her fingers already. I get to visit her almost every morning and get all the snuggles I want before I come into work. I could go on and on but I have too much other stuff to get too. So enough on that.
       The store is filling up!   We have been receiving our Christmas lines and some Halloween.  There will be more arriving in the coming weeks, We have also been receiving lots of patterns and books.  We now have a sale section,  I had to make room for the new fabric and we have taken some of the older styles or ones that haven't been popular and have put them on sale. 
        We will be doing a class on Saturday Aug 6th from 8-4/5.  It is called STARFLAKES by Gerry Robinson and Holly Carter is going to be teaching it.
We have a few spots left if anyone is interested, call the shop or drop us an email.  We will be holding it over at the Methodist Fellowship Hall across the street from the store.
        We are looking at a beginner table runner class for the end of August possibly a Sunday class or Saturday at the store.  We will have a sign up at store next week if your not able to get to the store to sign up but you are interested, give us a call or email us.  The theme will be Christmas and it will be beginner friendly. 
         The store will be closed on Tuesday the 26th.  Ragbrai is coming to town and this street is where all the vending and things go on. It will be a bit congested,  with that being said if you need something please reach out to us of faceebook or message us and we can help yah out.. I will be volunteering at the VFW that day, but I could run down if needed. This month there will be NO SEWCIAL ON MONDAY THE 25th.  We will be preparing for the big day on Tuesday.  We will resume Monday  August 22nd.  
        I think that is all for now,  remember to watch the lives feeds on facebook Thursday evenings, we usually showcase new products that have come into the store that week and any news.
        Stay safe everyone.

Until the next reed,
keep your bobbin full and your stitches straight.