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September Newsletter

Hello all,
 Better late than not at all,,,  right?...   Were you thinking I wasn't going to get a letter out,  well I was. Technically it didnt make it out in August, but I am starting it on the last day of the month...  ????????
I am sitting here thinking what could I talk about this month and I realized that it was a year ago that this venture of owning my very own Quilt store started.   There was so much that had to get done and I really was in a panic!  I was thinking I didn't know the first thing about this industry. Sure, I knew how to sew, and I had owned a business before, but this, this was out of my element.  I wasn't sure I was going to get any shipments before the New Year (according to my sales reps) so we had slated January for our opening.  We felt good with the amount of time we had in front of us to get the store set up and looking the way we wanted.  But then my orders started showing up and I had no space in my house.  It was time to call in my friends and family to help me get it up and going way sooner than anticipated.  This is when the fun started. Many hours of scrubbing, destruction and then construction,  painting and more painting and yes even more painting.   Does everyone realize it takes alot of paint to cover Black, no matter if the label says coverage in 1 coat. DON'T BELIEVE IT!     But we had lots of laughs and lots of sore bodies but I am so grateful for those that helped me. (you know who you are ????)??
       August is behind us and we are starting the routine of back to school and sports. All the things that keeps families busy.  We have started doing some live sales recently.  If you haven't watched one yet, hop on facebook to see when they are scheduled.  We have special pricing on many items during the sales and they go back to regular price the next day. Generally we have about 30 items that we sell.  Its' been a lot of fun. We try to give a heads up on when they are going to be so if you see a post on our facebook page, make sure you share with all your friends, our goal is to grow so we have more to offer.
We have a Live Sale this Thursday at 5:30. go to facebook and clover cottage,  if you have any trouble reach out to us at the store or by texting us.  You do not need to be on facebook to watch the sale but if you want to bid then you would need to call the store and tell us the number you want, since you wont be able to comment.

Next week we will be closed on Thursday the 15th as we are heading to Des Moines to the AQS Quilt Expo/show.  Everyone should try to get down there.  There is so much to see and so many beautiful quilts on display.

National Jelly Roll day is September 17th and we are going to be doing a Facebook Live sew along throughout the day,  Stop in and grab a jelly roll or take one out of your stash and hop on to the facebook live sew along.  Information to follow as the date gets closer.

We have been receiving lots of fabric in the store this week so it has been busy for us here, which is what we love.  We have Kaffe, Moda, Poppie Cotton, and Art Gallery new this week.  There are so many projects we want to do.....   There is a saying I used to hear about the shoemakers son gets shoes last...  well it hits true,  and yes I am still loving every minute of it.

Take a moment and do something for yourself. Leave the dishes and the laundry for 10 min and go do what makes you happy.  Thanks for reading this month, until the next time
keep the stitches straight.
Joni, Zoey and Cheryl.
Clover Cottage.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram.  Share our Posts we want to hear from everyone.  Comment on our live feeds and sales.  See you all soon.