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Good morning everyone,

     It has been a little bit since I have sat down and penned a letter for the shop.  What can I say,  life has been busy and I obviously need to better my time mangement skills.

     We are having such great weather these days and it gets me antsy to be outside soaking up the sunshine and fresh air than being inside doing the things that need to be done. 

     We have been busy sewing at the store, we have a few things getting done so we hope we can revamp the store when we get back from vending in Okoboji.   We will be closed from February 26th - March March 10th.   We are vending at 1203 Inwan Street in Milford Iowa at the Lutheran Ingham Lake Bible Camp.  Wed 28th - March 5th Hours are 9-7 everyday we are there.   We would love to see you there.  Grab some friends and come up for a little road-trip.

     There will be no sewcial this month because we will be loading the store into the truck that day.    I think I would rather be having sewcial:). It is a lot of work but it is such a good time up there and totally worth it.

     We have 2 months under our belt for the Chatsworht BOM.  I am always rushing to finish it and then get the movie edited for the post.  I promise it will get better each time.  I am a work in progress.  I have a few people posting the blocks that they have done but if you havent posted yet, put them out there for all to see.  It is just a great project.  

     We have started getting new lines of fabric in along with precuts.  It seams like we will be getting something new each week for a while now,  make sure to stop in and see.   

     For those of you that have participated in my online sales in the past, I am not sure how we are going to be moving forward from those.  Facebook is doing away with shops doing that unless they subscribe (of course more money). so I have not decided which route I will go with it.  It will start in April so I may be able to get 1 more before it goes away.  We will post it on the facebook if we do one.

     I think that is all for now,  I truly hope that everyone is sewing away on some UFO's and starting some new projects.  Try challenging yourself to try something that you haven't done before.  Grow your creativity. Be adventurous.   Life is short buy the fabric!

Joni                                                                                                                        Clover Cottage